The 6 th Annual Road Research Conference

This conference has been expanding and evolving from year to year with the help of the ERA and Aman event organizer. they played an important role to transform the conference to an international level within the coming two years, it is benefi­cial to Ethiopia in terms of international road researches. In addition to this,  support­ing road infrastructural projects with research are important to ensure quality in the sector admitting that some proj­ects face quality issues due to lack of re­search-assisted technology. According to ERA, the roads that have been built so far are frequently subject to quality-related criticisms because they have not considered vehicle traffic.

The 6th Annual Road Research Conference was held with the theme: En­suring effective road networks through research. And also, at this conference, a total of nine articles were presented to the audience, it was learned.

Aman event organizer plays an important in conducting and organizing this conference with great passion and compassion.


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